A spa-like relaxation wherever you are

A relaxation kit every month or every two months to help you relax at home, at work or on your travels.

Look after yourself and refuel your energy

A relaxation tutorial

Designed in partnership with a spa expert, each tutorial will guide you through your spa-like moment with tailored advice, self-massage and stretching moves adapted to your chosen environment.

Ethical products and accessories

Each tutorial also features a list of relevant items, cosmetics, homeware, ready-to-wear, teas and infusions, books or accessories to complement your relaxation.

A free Tote Bag

We are proud of our partnership with the upcycling brand Kufu. They make the reusable tote bags and pouches we use for every order and help us reduce our waste footprint.



    In many Spa brochures, there is a « How to spa » page, explaining how to make the most of your spa experience and how to get the optimum result. This is what we want to share with you; the best advice and tools for you to learn how to relax.


    Where does the idea come from?

    When I host people at my place, I like to make them feel home, comfortable and cosy, as if they were in a cocoon.

    My passion for wellbeing led me to meet and discuss with many professionals and their clients, and I realised how essential was the need for everyone to have a relaxing break in the day or week.

    My interest for wellbeing goes far back; from a very young age, my mum introduced me to a whole world of beauty rituals which I still follow today .After a scientific master’s degree, I studied management for the cosmetics industry. My studies, my professional experience and my travels around the world allowed me to have a feel for the wide variety of textures and fragrances of cosmetics.

    The real turning point was my Spa Manager training which embedded in me the idea that leads my daily thoughts; you must take care of yourself if you want to have the energy and will to create and thrive and care for others.

    How To Spa was designed especially for you, to allow you to relax at any time of the day, wherever you are, thanks to experts’ advice through tutorials and recommended items.

    Maud Ganry Boutaric,

    How To Spa Founder

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